2-Gauge Set: Speedo, Quad – G-Stock Series

2-Gauge Set: Speedo, Quad – G-Stock Series


Classic Instruments 2-Gauge Set: Speedo, Quad – G-Stock Series GS02SLF

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Classic Instruments G-Stock Series Pre-Packaged 2 Gauge Set: 3 3/8″ Speedo/Quad

The all new SGâ„¢ Series gives your car the great look of American muscle car performance.

2-Gauge Set includes: 
  • Electronic Programmable Speedometer: 3 3/8-inch
  • Quad: 3 3/8-inch  (fuel 240-33ohm)
The speedometer features a wide calibration range. The corrections for most errors in speedometer readings can be accomplished by the builder or owner at any time with a quick and simple road test. Most speedometer errors come from a mismatch in the tire height, the rear-end gearing, or the drive-and-driven speedo gears combination in the transmission. Pointer adjustment can be made on the Classic speedometer by simply resetting the DIP-switches (shown at right) to the proper combination after a quick and simple road-test. The odometer-counter then re-synchronizes to the new, corrected pointer reading and will record quietly and accurately the total miles driven.
QUAD Gauge includes:
  • Fuel
  • Oil Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Volts
Classic Fuel Gauge: 
Compatible with many other manufacturers’ senders; they may also be ordered to read correctly with many OEM fuel senders such as those from stock GMC, Ford, or Chrysler vehicles. This greatly simplifies gauge-to-sender matching when a stock donor tank or foam-filled fuel cell will be used in the vehicle. Fuel gauges from Classic Instruments are available in most of the following resistance ranges: 0-30 Ohms, 0-90 Ohms, 75-10 Ohms, 16-158 Ohms, 90-0 Ohms, 240-33 Ohms. 
Oil Pressure Gauge: 
The Oil Pressure instrument responds to changes or loss of pressure at the sender location. It reads in pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). Sensitive movement even displays “surging” of the oil pump at idle speed. Use with Classic Oil Pressure Sending Unit. 
Water Temperature Gauge: 
Maintaining the correct coolant temperature is important to prolong the engine’s performance and reliability. Accurate readings can provide advance warning of engine over-heating before a critical loss of coolant can occur. The sensitive pointer response on your Classic Temperature gauge movement will even indicate the opening and closing of the thermostat. 
Volt Gauge: 
The Volt Gauge measures the relative condition of the electrical system by the voltage level in the battery. Voltages outside the normal 12-16 volt range may affect the performance and the reliability of sensitive electronic components. 
Additional design options (NOTE: picture shows default bezel and lens options.) A $6 per-gauge charge may apply for custom pointer selections. For all 5″ gauges and quad or dual clusters, only straight or poolcue pointers are available. We match additional gauges.
Contact Charlotte Rod and Custom at 1-800-529-0232 with any questions or for ordering assistance.

Part Number: GS02SLF

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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