1967-1969 Marquez Designs Camaro 

1967-1969 Marquez Designs Camaro 


Dakota Digital 1967- 69 Marquez Designs Camaro  VHX-1200

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Dakota Digital 1967- 69 Marquez Designs Camaro  VHX-1200

The VHX-1200 is designed to fit the Marquez Design Fiberglass Dash for the 1967- 69 Camaro. Created as a crossover between the pure function of race gauges and the usability of street instrumentation, this system provides the best of both. With a 0-160 MPH Speedometer, a 0-10,000 RPM Tach and large-sweep Oil Pressure, Temperature, Volmeter and Fuel Level readouts, even the most radical of applications are covered. Four programmable, digital message centers allow for nearly unlimited expansion.

The billet aluminum faceplate is powdercoated flat-black and features intricate machining to create a unique multi-layered look. Measuring in at 16″ x 7.25″H, this system is a direct-fit to the Marquez Designs dash, but also lends itself to custom applications (template included with kit)..

Fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers are a few of the things that you can see which set the VHX Series apart from yesterday’s traditional approach to instrumentation. A few of the features which you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled limited lifetime warranty which has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems . Completely engineered and manufactured at our facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry!

VHX Instrument System Features

  • Displays included with this instrument system:
    • Speedometer: 0-160 MPH analog, 0-255 MPH/KPH digitally in message center.
    • Tachometer: 0-10,000 analog, 0-9,990 digitally in message center.
    • Oil Pressure: 0-80psi analog and digitally.
    • Water Temp: 100-260°F analog, 0-300°F/ 0-150°C digitally in message center.
    • Voltmeter: 0-17VDC digitally in message center.
    • Fuel Level: 0-99% digitally in message center.
    • Also available in the digital message centers:
      • Odometer
      • Trip Odometer (A&B)
      • Resettable Service Odometer
      • Clock
      • Hour-meter
      • 0-60 MPH (0-100 KPH) timer
      • ¼ mile timer
      • ¼ mile speed display
      • High Speed recall
      • High RPM recall
  • Various Indicators can also be displayed such as:
    • Turn Signals
    • High Beam
    • Check Engine
    • Parking Brake
    • Cruise Control
    • 4×4 (when equipped) displayed in message center.
    • Nearly unlimited flexibility can be added to the additional digital message centers, through the use of the BIM Expansion Modules
  • Automatic Transmission gear indicator is also included which will display the full name (ie: Park, Overdrive, etc.) of the current gear. Utilizing the gear position indicator will require the use of a Dakota Digital GSS-2000 (sold separately) sending unit.
  • Dakota Digital instruments systems also include a Demonstration Mode which will cycle the instrument readouts while the vehicle is standing still. This is especially popular while the vehicle is on display at a show, event or simply displaying the instrument system.
  • Metric conversions will cycle between MPH or KPH in the digital message center with the press of a button. Full metric analog instrument systems (KPH & Celsius) are not currently available.
  • Necessary sensors included for oil pressure (1/8” NPT), Water Temp (1/8″ with bushings for 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2” NPT as well 12mm and 16mm for GM & LS applications) and speedometer pulse generator.
  • Fuel level gauge can read either OEM sensor, or any aftermarket style currently available. A universal fuel level sender, SEN-06-1, can be purchased from Dakota Digital if necessary.
  • Fully programmable speedometer for various tire sizes, rear-end gearing combinations, etc.
  • Built-in illumination is activated as headlights/ parking lights are activated. The DIM-1 can be purchased from Dakota Digital to increase or decrease the brightness of the display. The DIM-1 is used in conjunction with your headlight switch
  • Fully adjustable warning points alert the user of potential vehicle problems in the digital message center
  • One-time user settable odometer. This is available only within the first 100 miles of operation. Once exceeded, the mileage can be reset by Dakota Digital at a charge of $20.

** Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Part Number VHX-1200

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 14 x 10 in

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