Transmount Emergency Brake Cables

Transmount Emergency Brake Cables


Lokar Transmount Emergency Brake Cables

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Transmount Emergency Brake Cables


Transmount Cable Kit is designed for use with Lokar19s Transmount Emergency Hand Brake and includes bracket for mounting cables to hand brake. Kit comes equipped with quality one-piece aluminum adjusters and aluminum ferrule to eliminate fraying of stainless housing. Outer housing is designed with specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable. Stainless steel inner cable resists moisture. Design allows rear end backing plate fittings to be removed without removing brake cables. Lokar cables also feature adjustable cable lock and clevis. Kit includes two 8 foot outer housings that “U-Cut-to-Fit”­ and are available in stainless housing or black housing.

Application fits 8″ and 9″ Fords, Chevy, Chrysler and Lincoln Versailles drum and disc brakes. 

Part Numbers:


  • EC-80TU: Transmount Brake Cables – Black Housing
  • EC-80THT: Transmount Brake Cables – Stainless Housing
  • EC-80TUTB: Transmount T-Bird Brake Cables – Black Housing
  • EC-80THTTB: Transmount T-Bird Brake Cables – Stainless Housing
  • EC-81TU: Ford Explorer Transmount – Black Housing
  • EC-81THT: Ford Explorer Transmount – Stainless Housing

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in



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