1955-1957 Chevy Level 2 Coilover System

1955-1957 Chevy Level 2 Coilover System


Ridetech 1955-1957 Chevy Level 2 Coilover System

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There seem to be more 55-57 Chevys on the road today than in 1957! Their tall, boxy shape may say “low and slow”, but in reality, they can be a crisp performer with the right suspension enhancements.
All of these systems require NO fabrication, NO floorpan cutting, and NO welding to the body or frame. The AirBar is also positioned inside the framerails to allow much needed extra rear tire clearance. Don’t settle for 50-year-old technology… serious performance CAN come in a box!
NOTE: The two-piece frame is made from 2 pieces of metal welded together along their length. The one-piece frame is made from a single piece of metal and has no weld line (both frames have a seam on the top of the frame; the two-piece also has a seam on the bottom). The width of these frames is slightly different. The two-piece frame measures 35-1/8″ between the framerails immediately behind the body mount in front of the rear wheel. The one-piece frame measures 33-11/16″ between the framerails. This measurement is important to determine because our AirBar crossmember is placed in that position.
Coil-Over Features: 
RideTech continues to offer today’s hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling performance, technical support, and now, SIMPLICITY, with the new coilover suspension components.
  • Monotube gas pressure design offers superior fade free performance
  • Impact forged aluminum body provides superior strength and reliable service
  • Larger 1.834″ piston provides outstanding ride quality
  • Double sealed rod guide with dust cover eliminates oil leakage
  • 5/8″ chrome shock shaft
  • Anodized finish protects against corrosion
  • Available as fixed valve or rebound single adjustable
  • CNC machined billet hardware
  • Unique pinch clamp height adjuster uses finer thread for easy adjustment
  • Includes 1/2″ bore x 1″ kevlar lined bearings for noise free operation
StrongArm Features:
StrongArm tubular control arms not only improve suspension geometry and handling, they also make installation even easier. The added benefit when replacing control arms is new bushings and ball joints. No more worn out components.
  • Optimized ball joint angle…to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel
  • Black powdercoated…for lasting appearance and protection
  • Installed Ball Joints for simple installation
  • .219″ wall DOM tubing…for lasting strength and reliability
  • Shock mounts swaybar mounts, steering stops are built in…no fabrication needed
  • Proper Coil-Over placement…component mounts are designed in, not an afterthought
  • Proper ball joint selection…we use a compression ball joint in a compression application and a tension ball joint in a tension application (just like the factory engineered it) to prevent failures
  • Optimized arm length…makes proper wheel alignment a breeze
  • Jig welded…every part is built right, every time
4-Link Features: 
RideTech Bolt-On 4-Link
The area of largest improvement is the handling and cornering performance. The RideTech 4-Link eliminates the oem leafspring and replaces them with a 4 link rear suspension. The 4 link bars offer more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability through the corners. When combined with coil-overs your vehicle can now enjoy the benefits of modern handling and ride quality technology.
  • Lowers vehicle ride height
  • Mounting hardware to maintain ground & tire clearance, driveline angles, and load capacities
  • Bolt-on installation (no fabrication required)
  • Greatly improved handling performance
  • Ultimate ride quality
Handling Quality Shock Series Features
The Handling Quality (“HQ”) series features adjustable shock valving. It is housed in a lightweight aluminum impact forged construction that is available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit a large variety of applications.
The single adjustment knob controls primarily the rebound force of the shock giving the driver plenty of control to dial in their performance at an economical price point. A RideTech single adjustable shock will provide enough adjustment for the majority of car builders.
  • Aluminum impact-forged construction allows leak free operation
  • Single rebound shock valving adjustment
  • Available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit large variety of applications
  • Monotube design for superior oil control
  • Easy & precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks

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