1970-1981 Camaro StreetGrip System, Big Block

1970-1981 Camaro StreetGrip System, Big Block


Ridetech 1970-1981 Camaro StreetGrip System, Big Block

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StreetGrip System for 70-81 GM “F” Body, Big Block 
Includes Front Dual Rate Coil Springs, Composite Leaf Springs, Delring Leaf Spring Bushings w/ Shackles, Delrin Front Control Arm Bushings, Front MuscleBar and HQ Series Shocks.
Make your hotrod happy!
Longer, lower, and wider than its predecessor, the second get Camaro was dubbed by GM to be much more of “A Driver’s Car”. Those that own them today ca, tell you that while it may be better than the earlier models, it’s still not great, especially after 30+ years! With the StreetGrip system, you can get your second get handling better than the designers every imagined…and do so easily and affordably. We’ve driven and studied hundreds of these cars, and when it comes to ride, handling, and quality, the StreetGrip system has you covered. 
1970-1981 Camaro StreetGrip System
Ridetech Street Grip
Complete System Includes: 
2x tall upper ball joints
8x Delrin control arm bushings
2x front dual-rate coil springs
2x front adjustable shocks
1x front swayer
2x Delrin swayer bushings
2x swayer end links
2x composite rear leaf springs
2x leafspring shackles
4x Delrin leaf spring bushings
2x rear adjustable shocks

Ridetech Street Grip

Today’s discerning hotrodder wants to enjoy driving their older musclecar as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or thousands of dollars to accomplish this.
RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGrip suspension system was created.
The virtues of a quality RideTech suspension system have been well-documented on highways and race tracks all over the world. Now, we have combined this history of product quality and racing success into the intelligent hotrodders efficient suspension system…the RideTech StreetGrip!

Ridetech Part #: 11175110 

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