1968-1979 Corvette Level 2 Coilover System

1968-1979 Corvette Level 2 Coilover System


Ridetech 1968-1979 Corvette Level 2 Coilover System

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Level 2 CoilOver System for 68-79 Corvette.  Includes front and rear HQ Series CoilOvers, front TruTurn &, rear StrongArms.
Handling Quality Series:
  • Performance Mono-Tube adjustable shock absorber
  • Available in Shockwave, Coil-Over and Smoothbody applications
  • 24 position rebound adjustment
  • Includes our 1,000,001 warranty
TRU TURN – Musclecar Steering Components
The early Mustang frontends have very poor suspension geometry…the tires lean outward around turns, the bumpsteer is bad, and there is little room to run a wide wheel.
The TruTurn system resolves ALL these issues… the tires now lean INTO the turn, the bumpsteer is 0.000″ through 5″ of suspension travel, and you now have clearance to run up to a 245mm Tire.
Rear StrongArm System
  • Rear StrongArm Systems use Fabricated Trailing arms and tubular cross member to both strengthen the rear suspension and provide mounts for the Coil-Overs. The design provides maximum tire clearance without modification to the chassis or body.
  • Tubular upper cross-member allows easy rearend removal and improves strength
  • Mono-Tube HQ Series Coil-Overs add tunability and improves ride and handling of your classic Corvette
  • Offset fabricated trailing arms offer tire clearance and increased strength and durability
  • Relocated camber links optimize camber gain for better handling.


Ridetech Part #:11530210 

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