1964-1966 Mustang Level 1 Air System

1964-1966 Mustang Level 1 Air System


Ridetech 1964-1966 Mustang Level 1 Air System

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Level 1 Complete Air Suspension System for 64-66 Mustang

Ride Quality Series:

  • Affordable premium shock
  • Available in ShockWave, Coil-Over and SmoothBody Applications
  • Preset valving for smooth ride quality.
  • Includes our 1,000,001 warranty

Ridetech Bolt-on 4-link:

The Bolt-on 4-link from Ridetech, formally known as the Airbar, is a 4-link rear suspension that will directly bolt into the oem leafspring mounts of your prized musclecar… no cutting, no fabrication, just 4 small tabs to weld to the axle for your upper bars. The ride height of your car is typically lowered by approximately 2″. The ride quality and performance is dramatically improved over stock… instead of a wallowing soft ride you’ll experience a crisp, controlled ride quality that will inspire more confidence for performance driving.

  1. The Ridetech 4-Link system lowers vehicle ride height and provides the ability to go even lower when not being driven by lowering the air pressure further.
  2. Pre-engineered mounting hardware to maintain ground clearance, driveline angles, tire clearance and load capacities
  3. Bolt-on installation (no fabrication required)
  4. Greatly improved handling performance
  5. Ultimate ride quality.


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