1928-1931 Ford Chassis With Custom IFS and 4-Link Suspension

1928-1931 Ford Chassis With Custom IFS and 4-Link Suspension


TCI 1928-1931 Ford Chassis With Custom IFS and 4-Link Suspension 101-1215-00

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1928-1931 Ford Chassis With Custom IFS & 4-Link Suspension – Plain Package 

To build the best, start with the best. The best engineered chassis makes it easier to build the strongest and safest street rod. The 1928-1931 Frame is built from 2″ x 4″ x .125 wall tubing. Making it superior to a stock boxed frame. The Custom IFS option is a no nonsense, no compromise performance front end based on our custom spindle. Geometry is designed to maximize cornering grip yet provide great street manners. This TCI Engineering 4-Link Rear Suspension assembly is engineered for Street and Straight Line Applications. Improve straight line traction and cornering performance while lowering the vehicle. We offer chassis for cruising, autocrossing, drag racing, and fully polished show-stoppers or anything in between. We offer a wide variety of options that allow you to custom tailor a chassis to meet your specific needs.
Included Products: 
  • Complete frame with all crossmembers installed
  • Complete Custom Independent Front Suspension
  • Complete 4-Link Rear suspension
  • Complete 9“ Hot Rod Currie housing with your choice of gear set (3.00 – 4.56)
  • 31 Spline axles and 11” drum brakes
  • Under floor pedal assembly with master cylinder and booster (pedal bracket welded to chassis)
  • Fully plumbed custom steel brake lines complete with Wilwood residual check valves & proportioning valve
  • Stainless braided brake hoses
  • Small block engine brackets mounted
  • Automatic transmission crossmember mounted
  • Body & Hood Latch brackets
Features & Benefits: 
  • American made product
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on all TCI Engineering manufactured parts
  • Frames are built specifically for ’28-’31 Ford Cars & Trucks
  • All Heli-arc welded for the highest quality and strength
  • Frame retains the factory profile for ease of mounting the body
  • The front suspension has been engineered to lower the center of gravity, decrease body roll & increase handling performance while allowing plenty of ground clearance
  • The crossmember is extra thick and uses the one piece pin design for additional strength
  • Upper control arm mount uses offset stainless eccentrics for simple alignment adjustments
  • Larger brake calipers and vented rotors dramatically reduce stopping distance
  • Drastically increase the comfort and drivability of the vehicle
  • Large anti-sway bar for greater roll control
  • Heavy duty upper and lower screw-in ball joints for additional strength and durability
  • Custom suspension geometry to keep the tires flat on the ground for additional grip
  • Built in anti-dive control for keeping tires flat on the asphalt during aggressive braking
  • Equal length adjustable 1” Performance 4-Link bars eliminate wheel hop
  • Fully adjustable link bars for varying track/street conditions
  • 3 height adjustments available on the axle brackets (1” increments)
  • Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings help insulate road noise
  • NEW Currie Sportsman 9-Plus made of 65,000 psi Nodular Iron 3rd member case is lightweight and strong
  • New case features 3.062 carrier bearings for additional strength
  • 3” O.D. x .188” Wall 10026 D.O.M. axle tubes to keep them from twisting under high HP applications
  • Late/Large Billet steel 9-Plus bearing ends for strength
  • 31 spline 1541 Forged Induction heat-treated alloy axles will withstand 600HP
  • 2.80 center register with the common 2.5” brake offset
  • All axles use Made in the U.S.A. tapered roller bearings for strength and durability
  • Axles are Available with either ½” or 7/16” wheel studs on 4.5” (Ford) or 4.75” (Chevy) bolt patterns
  • New Round Back Currie Hot Rod Housing (Centered Housing, Centered Pinion or ½” Offset Pinion)
  • 1330 Yoke is strong, lightweight and common so driveshaft options will be plentiful
  • Your choice of gears (from 3.00-4.56)
  • 56” Axle flange to axle flange width is standard but custom widths are available
Product Options and Upgrades:
Please Contact Us For Details: 1-800-529-0232
  • Stainless Brake Lines
  • Engine mounts other than Small Block
  • Manual transmission crossmember and pedal assembly
  • Pro Street (narrowed rails for wider wheels/tires & Pro-Street 4-Link)
  • Show package *
  • Drilled, Slotted and zinc coated rotors
  • Stock or Dropped spindles *
  • Power Rack & Pinion *
  • Front Billet rebound adjustable coil-overs POLISHED *
  • Front Billet rebound & compression adjustable coil-overs PLAIN *
  • Front Billet rebound & compression adjustable coil-overs POLISHED *
  • Black powder coated control arms *
  • Chrome Springs
  • 11” Wilwood brakes *
  • 12” Wilwood brakes *
  • 13” Wilwood brakes *
  • 14” Wilwood brakes *
  • GM Caliper rear disc brake kit
  • T.S.D. Posi (Torque Sensing Differential) – Clutch Type Posi (good for up to 400 HP)
  • Tru-Trac Posi – Gear Type Posi (good for up to 600 HP)
  • Shockwave air bags front & rear *
  • ¼” Stainless air lines and fittings
  • REAR Billet rebound adjustable coil-overs PLAIN *
  • REAR Billet rebound adjustable coil-overs POLISHED *
  • REAR Billet rebound & compression adjustable coil-overs PLAIN *
  • REAR Billet rebound & compression adjustable coil-overs POLISHED *
  • Rear splined anti-roll bar
  • 35 Spline Axles
  • F9 – Fabricated 9” Housing
  • Platinum-Trac Posi (35 Spline only) (good for 1000+ HP)
  • Billet Pinion Support
  • Billet Yoke
  • Aluminum 3rd member housing
  • Aluminum Housing – Plain
  • Aluminum Housing – Polished
  • Kugel Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Lengthen frame rails up to 3”
  • Detail frame rails before assembly
  • Change bolt pattern from 4.5” (Ford) to 4.75” (Chevrolet)
  • Raise IFS crossmember and c-notch frame rails for rack clearance for an additional ride height drop
*Note: Show Package Shown – Powder Coating is Not Included Only For Display.

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