1964 1/2-1970 Mustang Rear Torque Arm Suspension

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1964 1/2-1970 Mustang Rear Torque Arm Suspension


TCI 1964 1/2 – 1970 Mustang Rear Torque Arm Suspension 530-5102-00

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TCI 1964-1/2 – 1970 Mustang Rear Torque Arm Suspension 

The Torque Arm features a unique slider on the front of the arm that slides for and aft and rotates as the car goes through suspension travel thus allowing the cars handling to be controlled by the coil-over shocks and the rear sway bar with no suspension binding variables. The kit allows for a lower stance, greater rear axle control and dramatically improved handling.

Performance and drag racing: this kit is rated up to 1000 HP. When combined with the TCI modernized front IFS your Mustang or Couger will pull skid pad and slalom course numbers similar to a C6 ZO6 Vette and with narrower tires! On the strip 60 foot times of 1.4″ have been achieved in a number of cars with sticky tires. 18″ street tire cars with AC and full interiors etc. were pulling 1.6’s. Launches are straight and very controllable.

The kit is a fully bolt on application except for welding the shock brackets, panhard bracket, pinion aduster brackets and optional sway bar brackets onto your stock 3″ axle housing or a Ford 9” housing. Also available is aN optional Currie Ford 9” housing with all the brackets installed and heli-arced welded in place. 5x 4.50″ Ford bolt pattern standard, 5x 4.75″ is available at no additional cost. Base kit is for a non-tubbed car. Choose the tubbed car optotion above if you may or already have tubbed your car. This allows the use of much wider rims/tires. BUT, you can run up to a 315mm tire WITHOUT choosing the tubbed option if you tubbed your car! For hard cornering, the non tubbed bracket placement works better.

Kit Features

  • 1¾ inch torque arm with slider and reinforcing flanges
  • 1½ inch cross-member with drive shaft loop
  • 1¾ inch sub frame connectors
  • 1¼ inch trailing arms with stainless adjustors
  • 1 inch adjustable panhard bar with LH & RH rod ends
  • Axle housing brackets, torque arm tabs and install tool
  • Adjustable pinion support tubes with rod ends, tabs and install tool
  • 1½ inch coil-over cross-member with channel brackets
  • All American adjustable coil-over shocks
  • Floor reinforcing plates and hardware
  • Detailed installation manual

Axle, brakes and sway bar shown in photo are options and not included in base price.

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Product ID: 530-5102-00

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